May 172015

Of all the companies that take advantage of the web to hide their identities and above all their locations, translation agencies take the biscuit. I dealt with an agency for years which gave its address as Miami Beach only to discover that it was really located on the opposite side of the globe! Similarly, an agency that pretends to be in Irvine, California is really located in Budapest, Hungary! In both cases, the websites of these companies show U.S. telephone numbers and those of  a number of other countries, but they certainly not where they say they are! Another agency  in Spain uses a New York accommodation address pretending it is in the USA. A translator working in Europe believes he/she has five additional hours in which to deliver by the deadline! There is a website that is free to consult called which contains details of all these misleading agencies as well as the names of the many fake translators on the internet.

As a translation agency owner, I get at least three emails per day from people, always with a free email address, who claim to be capable of the most incredible variety of translation services. Those who claim to translate into English write ungrammatical garbage, some can’t even spell their own (fake) name. A glance at the translator-scammers site will tell you that most of them steal c.v.s (resumés) from genuine translators and then adapt them.

If you are a customer seeking translation services, would you want to deal with someone like that? The “translations” are then run through a free service such as Google Translate which often gets things wrong (it has a habit of leaving out words like “not” thus giving you the reverse of the actual meaning) without any correcting or amending.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the USA and the Office of Telecommunications (OFCOM) in the UK are responsible for telephone number registrations and they should be banning the telephone companies they regulate from allowing foreign companies to set up fake telephone numbers in their countries as they can be, and are, used for all types of fraud including translation fraud.

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