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  1. Hello. My name is Jennifer A. Thompson, I have recently become acquainted with “The Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilizations 4000 Years of History” (2006), and I wonder if in any of the research Hebrew Israelites were among many of the migrations throughout Asia and West Africa? Thank you.

  2. I do not think I mention these remote communities of Jews but there is plenty about them on the internet, look up “Jews in Ghana” and “Jews in Uganda” A book has also been published about the Jews of remote, isolated communities. For the Jews of Kerala, look up Jay Woroniker on the internet, this is his specialist subject, he has written a lot about them.

  3. Do you have any reaction you’d like to share about the recent UNESCO report ignoring Judaism’s ties to Jerusalem?

    Thanks, Bob Braun

  4. Yes, thank you for reminding me. The UNESCO Resolution was one of the most disgusting initiatives ever by the Arab states in the international arena and the Christian world, to its shame, colluded in the insult which was to both the Jewish and Christian religions, as well as a complete denial of history. Why would Christian countries, such as the UK, abstain from condemning such a resolution? The UK of all countries, because unlike many other countries in which Christianity is the dominant religion, the Church of England is the State religion and the Queen is head of the church. If there was no Temple on Temple Mount, there was no Jesus Christ! There is no doubt, the UK is in hock to the Gulf States, due to its two trillion pound debt and it will do the Arab states’ bidding in all international arenas.

  5. It’s onerous to search out educated individuals on this subject, but you sound like you recognize what you’re speaking about! Thanks

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